This series includes five books that will provide a lifetime of love. As you read the first book to your newborn you will be providing a soothing, loving voice that will  warm your  infant's heart and also assist your child in learning sounds, while YOU  learn about developmental milestones related to the specific ages of development! Each book will take you through age-related developmental milestones shared within the book. When  your child gets older, your child  will  begin to understand and love the silly adventures of Supertot Smart Art. When your child learns to read they will come back to read the stories again and again. Then someday, your child will learn the secrets just as you did, as they begin to share the story of Supertot Smart Art with their own children.

The Art of Early Learning Series is made exclusively for PARENTS!


Written by Dar Batrowny, Illustrated by Diana M. Hernandez and Designed by Sue Messruther

Promote development in the short amount of time it takes to enjoy a fun children's story!

The Art of Early Learning Series offers you a fun, hands-on and highly engaging way to familiarize yourself with specific age-related developmental milestones in the life of your child. Consisting of a milestone and activity list in the back of each book, this series follows Supertot Smart Art, a bright, witty and adorable baby as he navigates his first three years of life while helping others with his amazing and incredible skills. In the Art of Early Learning series, we bring you an effective way to nurture pre-literacy skills, growth and development and fun!

Meet Supertot Smart Art
He’s a cute little guy with extraordinary powers. His powers include his amazing ability to perform skills of a much older child, his incredible kindness and the wonderful ways in which he helps others. There’s just one twist! His ideas and actions often cause a bit of silly mischief. Follow Supertot Smart Art as helps all the new babies, makes his friend's wish come true, attends his first day of daycare, spends a day with Aunt Kaye and attends the big circus! 

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