Brain Development and Pre-Literacy Skills

As you read The Art of Early Learning series of children’s books to your child you will help promote basic development. The books also share gross motor, fine motor, personal-social  and verbal developmental milestones for set age ranges. While reading the books and exploring the age specific milestones , you will  be learning about growth and development, as well as promoting literacy, while also having fun!  The books will follow Supertot Smart Art from infancy to age three.


In the first book in the series, Meet Supertot Smart Art , an extraordinarily bright newborn  creates mischief at the hospital as he attempts to help all of the other babies gain knowledge… right from the start! The story includes suspense, excitement and a plot that entertains and warms the hearts of young children and adults, as well as educational information for parents regarding the growth and development of their child. The books are meant to educate parents about developmental milestones, and the website shares the message regarding brain development and proper wiring of the neurons, as described in research on infants developing brains.


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Written by Dar Batrowny, Illustrated by Diana M. Hernandez and Designed by Sue Messruther

Promote development in the short amount of time it takes to enjoy a fun children's story!